Background - Bicol-Quezon-Mindoro

Phase 1 of the Marine Reserve and Fish Sanctuary Development Project  in Brgy. Sablayan, Juban, Sorsogon (Photo taken last January 2012) 
PAMANA coverage in the Bicol-Quezon-Mindoro includes the provinces of Sorsogon, Masbate, Camarines Norte, Oriental Mindoro, and Quezon.
The Bicol Peninsula can be found in the south-eastern tip of Luzon. The Region’s history of participation in progressive and militant struggles, geographical terrain, poverty and share of social injustices has made it a fertile ground for armed conflict to continue and flourish.  The lack of economic and employment opportunities aggravated by cases of corruption, non-transparency, lack of sense of accountability and fraudulent elections marred by massive vote buying heightens the level of frustration and sense of helplessness of some community members that they opt to align with non-state armed groups instead.
Contiguous to the Bicol Region is the Province of Quezon which shares similar landscape of social injustice and inequity issues and history of conflict. Despite the significant decline of conflict in the area and improved human development index, a number of municipalities in Bondoc Peninsula, Quezon remains to be surrounded by conflict given its proximity to similarly conflict-affected areas of Bicol Region and remaining land-related issues. 
This PAMANA Bicol-Quezon corridor further extends westward to include the Mindoro Island, and covering Mindoro Oriental. The impending displacement of Indigenous People (IP) communities arising from mining and other resource extraction activities, ancestral domain issues and human rights violations (HRVs) are among the major issues that expose communities to vulnerabilities and threats to human and ecological security due to the prolonged armed conflict in the area.
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